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DIRTcar Member FAQ's

1) What are the benefits of being a DIRTcar Member?

Answer: There are many benefits to being a DIRTcar Member. Highlighted below are the following:

  • INSURANCE: All members participating at a DIRTcar sanctioned event are included in DIRTcar Racing's expanded Participant Accident Benefit program. Any member, driver, crew member, or owner is eligible for an additional $50,000 in Participant Accident Benefits on top of the tracks Participant Accident policy.
  • PIT GATE FEES: At most DIRTcar sanctioned events and facilities, members may receive, at the promoter's discretion, a discount of up to $10 for pit credential by showing their DIRTcar Members License at the pit window.
  • MEDIA ATTENTION: DIRTcar Racing is the top dirt-track sanctioning body in the country, and thus tracks and drivers that are part of the organization are well respected in the industry. Tracks and drivers receive considerable media coverage from national, regional and local newspapers; as well as magazines, trade papers, radio and television. All of that coverage leads to wide-ranging attention for tracks and drivers while enhancing their statures within the sport.
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS/MARKETING: The DIRTcar Racing public relations and marketing departments work to publicize sanctioned tracks and events under the organization’s umbrella through press releases, media contacts, the DIRTcar.com website and other mediums. DIRTcar Racing’s in-house video team can also provide marketing DVDs and produce exciting commercial spots for DIRTcar Racing members. It creates unique opportunities to work with the sanctioning body’s public relations and marketing representatives to enhance publicity and sponsorship programs.
  • PREMIER EVENTS: DIRTcar Racing sanctions many premier races throughout the season. These include: DIRTcar Nationals, Super DIRT Week, World Finals, Steel City Stampede, DIRTcar Roundup at Pevely, Firecracker 100, DIRTcar Summer Nationals, Ironman, Don Martin Silver Cup, Ohio Speedweek, Kings Royal, World 100 and The Dream.
  • STANDARDIZED RULES: DIRTcar Racing sets technical rules for its divisions, allowing drivers to travel to any DIRTcar Racing-sanctioned speedway or event and compete without making changes to their cars’ components, bodywork or tires. These standardized rules provide the perfect framework for track promoters to draw large fields of cars from across the region to their major events while easing the burden on promoters when tough decisions have to be made regarding rules.
  • APPEAL PROCESS: Members may access the established Appeal process to request a review of the appropriateness of a penalty or technical decision. The independent board works as an advocate of the member utilizing industry leaders from all disciplines.
  • POINT FUNDS: DIRTcar Racing distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars through its national, regional, state and local point funds each year to champions across all divisions. There are also prestigious series point races under the DIRTcar Racing banner that give racers an opportunity to compete for even more money and glory.
  • REGIONAL SERIES: There are Regional Series events that award points with standard rules throughout each division, many with a separate point fund.
  • DISCOUNTS: Membership has it rewards with special discounts and member offers form participating companies. Members receive special offers and complimentary offers.
  • THE SLIDER SUBSCRIPTION: Members receive the E-Flyer “The Slider” including announcing special events.
  • DIRTcarMEMBERS.com: Exclusive access to our member’s only website with member profile information, access to registration forms, special offers, and much more.

2) How long will it take to receive my membership packet and hard card?
Answer: Once your membership application has been received and processed, your membership packet and hard card should arrive in the mail within 14 business days.


3) Who should I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties with the website?
Answer: Email memberships@dirtcar.com or call (704) 707-0216 during regular office hours Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.


4) What should I do if my card has been lost or stolen?
Answer: Email memberships@dirtcar.com or call (704) 707-0216 during regular office hours Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm.


5) What is the cut-off date to apply for a membership?
Answer: You may apply for a membership at any time throughout the season. However, to be eligible to participate in the point fund standings, you must be a member.


6) If it has been longer than 14 business days since I mailed in my application, what should I do if I have not received my membership packet and hard card yet?
Answer: Contact DIRTcar Memberships at (704) 707-0216 or email memberships@dirtcar.com.


7) At a track, I was told that I was not on the membership list, but I have my temporary membership license receipt. Who should I contact?
Answer: Contact DIRTcar Memberships at (704) 707-0216 or email memberships@dirtcar.com.


8) What Membership Application Type do I apply for if I race in multiple divisions?
Answer: You check all divisions that you will be competing in, only paying the highest fee of your selections.


9) What is the payout for each race?
Answer: Each race night is different at each race track. Please contact your series director or track official to find out about specific payouts.


10) What Membership Application Type do I check if I am a family member, friend or fan?
Answer: These applicants should check DIRTcar Crew Member and submit a payment of $80.00 for the membership.


11) I cannot remember my membership number. How can I find out what it is?
Answer: Contact DIRTcar Memberships at (704) 707-0216 or email memberships@dirtcar.com


12) When does my membership expire?
Answer: Your membership will expire on December 31st of the year it was purchased. For example, if you purchased a 2012 membership, it would expire on December 31, 2012


13) Does the insurance cover Canadian drivers? If so, does it cover them racing in the United States and Canada, or just the United States?
Answer: The insurance does cover Canadian citizens both in the United States and Canada. The Canadian health care system would have to pay first, and then our coverage would pick up.

14) Will members have to fill out a form each year, or simply go online and remit a payment?

Answer: When members want to renew their membership for the next season, they can go online and update their information and remit a payment. There is no need for a member to complete a new application each year.